Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maybe not dead, but dying.

To start off it should be known that I'm addicted to print media. I'm crazy about magazines, posters, books, record covers, and what have you.
There are people out there that claim print is dying. Newspapers aren't doing so well. This past year many magazines had to close up shop. People tend to just download and buy music files. But it will always be more satisfying to hold something in your hand, to touch and feel what your money has earned you.

I'm going to show you what you are missing world wide web. At the very least when the last newspaper is gone, when records are no longer manufactured, this will stand as a reminder.


  1. agreed. that's why i'm so passionate about tangible art and art processes. i will never let go of my old school cut and paste.

  2. Perhaps the current trend towards intangible digital media is just a necessary step in media's maturation?

    Hopefully one day information will be integrated with our minds. We won't need to physically hold a printed page, and we won't need to store data on some external drive. We'll be able to do more than touch and feel a book, we'll be able to directly experience it. The best of both worlds. Hopefully that's the goal.

  3. Awesome blog! I love print too. I'm excited about your posts. I will try and let you know about the good print that I encounter as well.