Monday, January 4, 2010

Crazy kid

While packing up my bookshelf I stumbled across this old gem.

In 1st grade we had to do writing exercises everyday. We would get a prompt and would have to basically fill in some blanks. Normally these consisted of me talking about ice cream, puppies, and monsters.

On one particular day the prompt was to specify a few things you would want one hundred of and one thing you would not want one hundred of.

Everything seems pretty standard here except the "But I would not like a hundred Saddams,"bit is a little strange. Why on earth was I talking about Saddam Hussein in 1st grade? I'm pretty sure I had to ask my teacher how to spell it. I wonder what she was thinking.

Oh man, I crack myself up. There is also a brief mention of General Colin Powell on another page.


  1. I don't think the Saddam bit is weird. I knew way too much about Norriega for a third grader. Hilarious, nonetheless. My favorite part is that you were in POD B.

  2. LOL.
    My mom has all of my same notebooks from the lovely San Juan Unified School District. That makes me want to find them now...

  3. Hilarious! A hundred happy meals! You had really nice penmanship!

  4. haha! so awesome. I made a drawing for a teacher in 5th grade that had a Simpson-ized Saddam and George H. Bush talking to eachother. It's so funny when looking back at priorities of those days!